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How important is self-defense in your life?
What keeps you going?
What's important in women's fitness?


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How important is self-defense in your life?

Everyone benefits from knowing a little self-defense.

Whether you have ever been in a vulnerable position or not, have you ever considered learning self-defense?

What keeps you going?

Experts say it takes 21-30 days to form a new habit and physical fitness and martial arts training take commitment and dedication - to yourself.
Knowing yourself and what motivates you is key to creating healthy habits and self discipline.
Whether you're into fitness or martial arts, what motivates you to continue?

What's important in women's fitness?

Some women are hard-core fitness beasts.  They are disciplined to a daily or weekly workout schedule and they stick to extreme routines.
Other women are disciplined, but prefer a moderate (either in activity or schedule) workout they can easily maintain.
Still others need something that is always fun and more than a little social.
If you are a woman, what's your story and what motivates you to keep up an active fitness routine?
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