Studio Solomon - Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Fitness

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Offering Martial Arts, Self-Defense, West African Drumming & Dance, AfroCardio African Dance Fitness,  Tai Chi and Meditation!

Plus, a variety of arts and writing workshops!

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Self-defense/martial arts programming for varied interests, needs, levels and abilities... 

Studio Solomon offers martial arts training, self-defense workshops and martial arts-related fitness classes to meet a variety of community and individual needs and interests.* 

We know that not everyone is interested in martial arts or the commitment it takes to earn a black belt.

We also know that everyone can benefit from self-defense training and the physical exercise required for basic martial arts drills:
  • You don't have to be a martial artist to protect yourself
  • Age, health and physical abilities are factors that may call for adaptations
Specializing in Women's Programming

Our Women-Only self-defense-related programs foster a sense of community, where women and girls can focus in a safe, distraction and intimidation-free environment.
Our female-led classes provide a gentle, yet disciplined style of learning.
Self-defense/martial arts-related fitness classes provide fitness benefits, plus the confidence and security of learning skills that could potentially save your life.
Fitness-level classes provide a solid foundation for additional martial arts training.*
You decide how far you want to go!
Martial Arts Training
Studio Solomon offers full co-ed martial arts training in the Universal African Fighting Arts System - a combination system containing elements of many familiar martial arts styles.
Women train right alongside the men. 
* All self-defense and martial arts-oriented fitness classes are based on the Universal African Fighting Arts System. 
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